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December 2010
Were Dolphus And Ervin Estes Two Different People?, by Howard Estes
Silas Estes (with photo) by Les Sutton
Call for Articles
Inquiry on Yankee Line of Esty
Family Link With Town of Deal, by Larry Duke whose father served in Deal in WWII
Family Chart of Esty Family
Time To Renew Estes Trails
Free Book For Changing to Email
Marriage Of Bernie Ray Estes, provided by Mike Estes
The Children Of Langston And Polly Mary Moore Estes, by Merry E. Maitre, Ph.D.
Family Chart of Wilma Mae Estes, line of Langston Estes, with Family Sheets

September 2010
Marvin Reid Estes Memories, provided by Howard Estes
Obituary Of Elizabeth Rhodes, Mother of Dr. Taylor C. Estes
Kentucky Records - Early Wills & Marriages, provided by Carol Warren
Family Chart of Howard and Marvin Reid Estes
George Estes, Revolutionary War Veteran, by Bobbi Estes
More On Dr. Taylor C. Estes
John C. And Margaret Estes of Barry Co., Mo., provided by Carol Warren
Thomasin Eester of Historic Jamestown, Va, Early Biographies, provided by Bobbi Estes
Virginia Servants
Genealogy Codicil To Wills
Roy Eastes Has Moved
Life Spans Of The Estes Family
Possible Indian Estes - Warrens, by Carol Warren
Inquiry Off The Internet
Mitochondrial DNA Results - What Do They Mean and What Do I Do With Them?, by Roberta Estes
Estes Web Sites - David Powell
Genealogical Codicil to Last Will And Testament

June 2010
Sorting Out Three Men Named Lyddal Estes / Lyddal Bacon Estes, Robin Willis
Charles Estes (Estes Genealogies of 1893) On Benjamin & Frances Bacon Estes
1967 Obituary of Guy Estes of Ill.
Moore & Estes Connections (The Moore Family of the Globe)
At Long Last, Its Finally Here, The Original Estes Trails on CD
(Collect of 1981 thru 1994 issues offer on CD)
Moses Estes Marriage Contract
Original Land Grant Papers of Joel & Littleberry Estes, Sept. 7, 1838 & Mar. 8, 1834
Obituary of Jane Hadley Estes (wife of Henry J. Estes), Roslyn, Ill, 1910
Family Chart of Elihu B. Estes (line of Matthew Estes-Northern line) Odd connection to Jon Paul Estes, see Dec 2008 Estes Trails
Copy of Joel Estes Land Grant
Copy of Littleberry Estes Land Grant
Family Chart and Sheets on Emmit E. Estes and connection to Joel & Littleberry Estes

March 2010
Introduction of CD offer on Original Este Trails, Mary’s issues, 1981 - 1994
Time To Renew Estes Trails
Indian Trouble
Marianne Estes
Mrs. Estes Of Baird, Dies - Bertha Gardner Cummings, wife of Fred Estes
Last Rites For Ma Estes Sunday - Lizzie Bell Henry, wife of Cornelius Lee Estes
The Benton - Estes Story
Elisha Estes & Benton-Estes Connections
Littleberry Estes Statement
Need Benton - Hiatt Genealogies
Family of Frank Hiatt & Ruby Estes
Portrait of Bethlehem Estes, Jr.
Family Chart of Goldie Rae Estes - William Jones Estes
Family Sheet of John Wesley Estes & Susanna Jane Couch
Family Sheet of John Wesley Estes & Martha Jane Thomas
Family Chart of Francis Marion Estes - Joel Estes - Henry Harris Estes
Family Chart of Littleberry Estes - Joel Estes - Elisha Estes
Family Sheet of Elisha and Joel Estes
Will of Ellen Martin Estes - 1649 (original form)
Este Post Card From Maine - North Berwick, Maine (photo of farm buildings)

December 2009
Estes DNA Project - Roberta (Bobbie) Estes
Estes Trails Collection Available on CD
Time To Renew Estes Trails
The Estes Family, by Juanita Lawrence Sparlin - line of John Estes, b. 1843.
Estes Info From Here & There
Eastes News From Joy Pero - Obadiah Estes line
An Ozark Doctor Who Has Visited The Sick For Sixty Years On Horseback,
Dr. Taylor C. Estes - Missouri
Indian Estes - copy of newspaper article Carol Warren provided
Checks to Estes Trails
More From Here & There
Some Texas Estes, by Billie Jean Heath - Cornelius Lee Estes
Cowboy Could Dish Out Rodeos provided by Billie Jean Heath - Robert G. Estes
Call of Articles
Chart of Dr. Taylor C. Estes
Charts of Cornelius and Robert G. Estes
Chart of James Henry & William Newton Estes by Tommie G. Estes
Copy of Dr. Estes cover story

September 2009
The Hunt For Wiley Estes, by Mike Estes
Land Deeded to Wiley Estes
Wiley Estes - 1790 Census
Land Sold by Administrators of Wiley Estes
Wiley Estes Marriage Bonds
Taxable Property in Chatham Co., 1815
The Benton / Estes Families, provided by sisters Dean & Jean McCroskie
Photo’s of James Benton Estes and John Samuel Benton Estes
List of Estes Research Resources
The Estes Lines of Lorraine C. Cates
ET Collection on CD Update                       
The Estes Family, by Juanita Lawrence Sparlin
Chart of Stephen Preston Estes, (with Corum’s) see Inquires
Chart of Henry Harris Estes, (with Corum’s) see Inquiries
Charts and Family Groups of Warren Benton & Elizabeth Estes, (with Hiatt’s)
Family Group Sheets for Stephen Preston Estes and William Sanders Estes
Call for Family Charts
Family Group Sheets for Joel Estes, Sr. & Jr.
Remember to Will Your Research
Charts & Family Group Sheets of Lorraine C. Cates family
The Estes Family, by Juanita Lawrence Sparlin, continued from page 7
(to be continued in Dec. 2009 issue)

June 2009
Priscilla Estes, Capture, Captivity & Rescue, by Donna M. Hull
The 118 Grandchildren of Thomas Estes, by Stewart A Estes
Halifax County, VA Misc. Records
Journal of Steven C. Clemons, 1900, Estill & Clark Counties, Kentucky
Death of Notice of William R Estes, Anderson, Nevada
Estes Trails Subscriptions Take Drop For The Year
Castles In The Sand, Deal, Sandown & Walmer, from Realm.
Kent County History, from This England

March 2009
Another New Year For Estes Trails
Estes Trails Collection Now Available On CD
Many Thanks - Howard Estes
Estes Burials In Chester County, SC
Texas Colony Records (The Charles Fenton Mercer Colony) - provided by Diane Miller
A Challenge to Estes Researchers, by Roy Eastes
History of the Osment and Related Estes Families, Part 1, by Mildred Osment.
Cross Country In 1878, from the Arkansas Gazette, by Isabelle Moore Estes
Hard Luck For The Estes - bad luck of Karr Calvin Estes
Will of William Estes, provided by Jackie Stuart
William Estes Bible Records (same William as above.)
Web Site of Interest
In Search of Ira Reuben Estes, provided by Tommie G. Estes
Chart of William Evan Vines Estes
Chart and Family Group Sheets for David Granville & Karr Calvin Estes

December 2008
Estes Trails Collection Now Available On CD
Time To Renew Estes Trails
Estes Oklahoma Outlaw
USS Estes
Missouri Death Certificates - Henry Duncan Estes
Illinois Estes Bio - Jefferson Co. - John W. Estes
Call For Charts & Articles Website, April Heath Patis
ET Now On Email
Family Moves Next To Estes Cemetery - Jon-Paul & James Estes, Texas
Estes Cemetery, Tarrant Co., Texas
Chart of Jon-Paul - James Estes
Family Chart of Billie Hardy
Reuben Estes of Johns River and Wilson Creek, by Michael Gibbons
Harper Estes Identified (Ira Reuben line)
1801 Map of Deal

September 2008
Estes Trails Now Go By Email
Estes From Census, by Bobbi Estes
Lunenburg County, Virginia Public Claims, 1780 - 1784
Estes Family Cemetery, Alabama, from Tom Estes
Milton Estes on Grand Ole Opry
Descendants of John Yates Estes and Rutha Dodson Estes, by Roberta Estes
Oklahoma Pioneer Estes’, WPA Interviews
Birth Place Of Abraham Estes - The Estes / Eastes Families Of America, Our English Roots (continued), by LeRoy F. Eastes
Genealogical Symbols
Coming Soon To A CD Near You   

June 2008
Estes Trails Ready To Go By Email
Correction From Bobbi
Estes President of Texas Bar - provided by Robin Willis
Correction on Maude Estes
Apprentices of Virginia by Harold Gill, provided by MaryLou Koch
Virginia Burials, provided by MaryLou Koch
Josephus Estes, by Bobbi Estes
Eastes Marriages in Missouri, by Joy Pero
Eastis Marriages In Jefferson County, Alabama, provided by David M. Eastis
The Estes / Eastes Families Of America, Our English Roots, by LeRoy F. Eastes
Family Chart of William Nathaniel Estes, Ephraim Estes line - James Estes
Family Group Sheets - William N. Estes
Birth Place Of Abraham Estes - The Estes / Eastes Families Of America, Our English Roots (continued), by LeRoy F. Eastes
Family Chart of William Floyd Estes, James D. Estes line - Robert Hewgley
Family Group Sheet - William Floyd Estes, James D. Estes line - Robert Hewgley       
Family Chart of Francis Marion Estes, Joel Estes line - Tim Hagerbaumer

March 2008
Estes Trails Ready To Go By Email
Oldest Estes Passes
Understanding British Money
Call For Articles & Charts
The Voyage of Abraham Estes, by Roy Eastes
Estes Northumberland County, Virginia Records - Kitty Estes Savage info.
William Marshall Estes Family
Will of Elisha Estes of Henry County - Jan. 13, 1782
Lucinda Estes Bible, DeKalb County, TN   Provided by Carol K Keith
Opdyke Cemetery, Jefferson County, IL
Chart of John R Estes - Moses Estes line / Roberta Estes
Time To Renew Estes Trails
Back Issues of ET Available

December 2007
Time To Renew Estes Trails
The Marriage of Abraham Estes & Ann Burton, by Roy Eastes
Estes Burials in Various Cemeteries, by Carol Keith
Order Death Certificates, on Ebay for TN
Garmon Estes Has Moved
Early Day Sylvester Estes; circa 1500's
Union Estes
Estes Place Names - Estes Bog, Maine
Estes Graduates, Mendon, MI
A Compendium of Genealogy Web Sites
Bluford Estes Family, by Diane Miller
Estes DNA Project by Bobbie Estes
The Story Of A Pioneer - Personal Recollections of William Lee Scoggs, Part II

September 2007
The Abraham Question, by Roy Eastes (what do we know for sure)
St. Leonard’s Church Needs Help - call for contributions
Descendants of Nathaniel H. Estes, by Debra McCann
Inquiry on Nathaniel Estes
More Nathaniels
Any Connection Between Estes & Deafness?
Family of Joel Estes & Elizabeth Bibb, Donna McCreary Rodriguez
The Estes Guards, by Guy Estes
Law & Disorder Estes, some Yankee Estes
New York Estes
Missouri Deaths
Bible Records from website
Niel Gunson Replies to Frederick Estes article
The Story of a Pioneer - Personal Recollections of William Lee Scroggs, Part One
Call For Charts

June 2007
Bobbi Estes Getting Famous For DNA Work
Web Site of Interest
Estes of Henry County Virginia, Benjamin Estes Family
Bobbi’s Tidbits
Some DNA Information
Chart of Benjamin Estes
Photo of Dr. George Washington Girard Estes, b. 1830
Chism Estes Book - anyone hear of it?
Frederick Eastes, MD of Dover
Numbers Have Jumped - renewals high
Family Record of Micajah Estes
Is This All the Same Piece of Land, (as mentioned in Murder on Mountain) by Diane Miller
Estes Place Names
Descendants of Abraham Estes, by Phyllis Marie Brantley Estes

March 2007
Estes Trails Milestone - 26 Years of Estes Trails
Estes Place Names
Bobbie Estes Art Project
Moses Estes Site Identified, by Bobbi Estes
Web Sites of Interest
Another Moses Estes Burial Site, by Roy Eastes  - Moses in Deal, Kent
Another Web Site of Interest
Family Chart of Constant Estes, Constant Estes of Deal, 1669
USS Estes, by Guy P. Estes
Murder On The Mountain, The John Estes Mystery, by Ron Nelson, Springhouse Magazine
Family Chart of murder victim John Estes - Chisum Estes line
Estes Medal of Honor Winner - Lewellyn Garrish Estes of Oldtown, Maine
Estes Family Cemetery, Poland Maine
Renewals of ET at all time high
Marcus Younger, father of Mary Younger who married George Estes, by Bobbie Estes
Missouri Death Records, provided by Vonda Cooper
Other Death Records, Twin Falls, Idaho
Family Chart of Teresa Davis, Patrick Estes line, with photo’s
Immigrants In Bondage, 1614 - 1775
Tennessee Confederate Pension Application Records
Family Bible Records - Edward M. Estes, b. 1799

December 2006
Time To Renew Estes Trails
Will of Gilbee Eastes, Dover - Ancestor of Niel Gunson
Descendants of Joseph Henry Estes, by Michael Estes
Arkansas Marriages, 1851 - 1900, part II
Burroughs and Other Estes Related Families
Pilgrims To Pioneers: The Ancestry of John Franklin Estes
The Descendants of Lois Arnold Eastes, Daughter of Meredith Frank Eastes and Minnie Myrtle Mitterling, by Joy Pero                   
Information From A Cleaning Spree, by Roberta Estes
Call For Articles & Family Charts

September 2006
Society of Friends - Estes
Leo Estes Passes
Virginia Chancery Records, by Bobbi Estes    (lots of Estes’ mentioned)
Arkansas Marriages, 1851 - 1900, men & women
The Estes Family of Lunenburg, Virginia and Samuel Estes, Sr. Of Madison County, TN,
by Robin Rankin Willis

June 2006
Donald Bowler Passes Away
Some Web Sites of Interest
John Hardin Estes, History of the Yakima Valley, WA
An Illustrated History of Baker, Grant, Malheur and Harney Counties,
With a Brief Outline of the Early History of the State of Oregon - Hardin W. Estes - John F. Faulkenberry - William Rufus King
Samuel Estes Family, Joy Herron
Descendant of Dr. Richard Estes, Grandson of Matthew Estes, the Children of Benjamin Hall Estes
Green-Wood Cemetery of Brooklyn NY
Halifax County VA Data, Roberta Estes
More Halifax County Data, Roberta Estes
Old British Place Names - website
David Powell Web Site Change
Help With Weights, Measures and Money Conversion - website
Kent Genealogy Website
Land Transaction Notices, VA, Marshall Purl
Estes Cemetery, Jefferson County, IL

March 2006
Photo’s o St. Nicholas, Ringwould & St. Leonard’s  - Deal
Thanks to Subscribers
Back Issues Available
A Hundred Year Old Estes, Maude Estes Hembree, by Marjorie Thornton (John Calder Estes)
Answer to December Inquiry - Samuel Estes of IL, by Diane Zimmer
More About The Family of Lyddal Bacon Estes and Nancy A. Winn, by Robin Ranklin Willis
Estes Family Reunions - Twin Bridge Park, OK & James Henry Estes at Carter Cave, KY
Interest From Northern Branches
Web Sites of Interest
Death of Rodeo Star, Robert Estes
Revolutionary War Claims, Some Thoughts on Moses Estes, by Bobbi Estes
Midnight Battle, Moonshiners and Revenue Men At War, Atlanta, GA, by Tom Simmons
Benjamin Estes of KY, by Beverlee Stuart-Borok
Is The Church Of England Catholic?
Will of Abraham Estes, III, provided by Mary Bentley
Family Chart of Abraham Estes, III
Family Chart of John Calder Estes
Family Chart of William Estes, by Jennie R. Lewis

December 2005
Time To Renew ET
Some Quaker Estes, by Michael Estes
Abstracts of Wills Recorded In Orange County, NC 1752 - 1850, by Ruth Henderson Shields
Estes Cemeteries In TN
Web Sites of Interest
Found, Estes Family, William Roscoe Green Estes, 1891
Building A Family Green, by Kathleen Estes (James Henry Estes descendants)
Clyde Cemetery, Walla Walla County, WA, by Stewart Estes
Drucilla Estes & Husbands, by Lorraine C. Cates
WWI Draft Registration Forms, Joy Pero
Family Charts of Drucilla Estes, pages 6 - 9 - 19
Family Charts of John Franklin Estes, by Stewart Estes
Bethlehem Estes of Texas, by Billie Jean Heath
Estes DNA Surname Project Update
DNA Journey of Discovery, Bobbie Estes
Descendants of Lyddal Bacon Estes

September 2005
Web Sites of Interest
New Estes - Eastes Web Site On Line
Will of Erasmus Andrew Estes, provided by Mark Max Estes
Some Doors Open for Researcher, Joy Estes Pro
More Web Sites of Interest
Estes In Missouri Territory - provided by Marshall Purl
Who Is This, James E. Estes, d. 1883, Walnut Ridge - call to Boyd Estes to look in newspaper
More Photographs This Month  - three pages
English Research Update
Halifax County, VA Research, material provided by Roberta Estes
The Confederate Sons of Lyddala Bacon Estes, Sr. & Nancy Ann Allen Winn Estes, by Robin Rankin Willis and Gary Noble Willis
Call For Articles & Family Charts
Ancestors of Joy Pero, with photo’s
Interesting Ancestors, Photo’s and History, by Michael Estes
Ancestors of Howard Estes, with photo’s
Ancestors of Shirley Pitchford, photo’s
Family Charts of Clark Estes and James William Estes - provided by Michael Estes

June 2005
A Reminder on Checks
Estes Reunion, Radford, VA
Stokes Co., NC Cemeteries - provided by Joy Pero
Tarlton B. Moore, Civil War Letters - provided by Roberta Estes
Looking For Genealogy of Estes Family by William Roscoe Greene, of Skowhegan, Maine, 1892
Bits & Pieces
Bride Dies on Honeymoon Trip, 1910, Mrs. Charles W. Eastes (Jewell L. Dean)
Passing of Leland Estess
Response to Cox - Estes Connections & Family of William Estes
Making a Genealogical Codicil to Your Will - form provided
A Look At Life In 1859 AR, Izard Co.
1931 Estes Obituary - Columbus Sherman Estes, b. 1887
Bits & Pieces
A Kentish Trail In the Sixteenth Century, by Donald Bowler (reprint from ET Spring 1993)
Pioneers of The Blue Stem Prairie, by Shirley Glessner (Joseph P. Estes)
Goodspeed’s History of Smith Co., TN, Dr. John Duncan Estes, 1841
Using the Tax Lists To Correct Longstanding Published Errors of Elisha Estes of Lunenburg County, VA, provided by Robin Rankin Willis       
Family Charts of J. Duncan Estes, above
Family Chart of William Estes & wife Frances Cox
Smith County, TN Will of William Estes (not William above)
Index to Mexican War Pension Files

March 2005
Email Address Needed
Web Sites of Interest
Civil War Controversy
Good Things To Eat, by ex-slave, Rufus Estes - provided by Roberta Estes
The Cholera Scare of 1848  - material provided by Lee Henderson
Aaron Estes Jailed, 1803 - provided by Carol Warren
The Search For Ever Earlier Ancestors
Cox  -   Estes Connections
Will of Coleman Estes, 1844 - provided by Albert Estes
Abraham Eustis, 1786 - Vonda Cooper
E. S. Estes Biographical Sketch (Elisha ?)
DNA Solves Problem For Dennis Estes (Dolphus Estes)
Wilkes Co., NC Tax, Land & Census Records - provided by Roberta Estes
A Very Interesting Estes Lady, Helena Strakova Estes - Shirley Schulze
Bible Records of Richard Lawrence Estes, brother to William A. Estes of Civil War Letters
Estes Family Reunion - Winfield, AL
Researchers Loose Mother - Leo Estes & Melba Williams
Joel S. Estes In Georgia, son of Zephanian Estes - Claudia Duncan
Photo’s A First - two pages of Estes photographs
The Family of William Estes, b. 1745
Offer for Back Issues of Recent Estes Trails
Missing Family Connections - Matthew, 1806 & Henderson, 1808, VA
Speaking of Old Photographs, Thomas Estes of AR, b. 1799
Charts of Matthew and Henderson above

December 2004
Time to Renew ET notice
Inventory of the Estate of Wiley Estes, Chatham Co., NC
Henry Bagley Will (related to Wiley Estes)
Civil War Letters of William A. Estes, part II, provided by Eva Ellis
Civil War Still Alive and Important
East Family Info. - Thomas Estes & Stephen Estes WWII dead
The Search For Este DNA, by Roy Eastes & Roberta Estes
Estes - Eastes Web Site Changes, Roy Eastes
Settlement of Burris Estes Estate
The Will of Burroughs ?Burris’ Estes, 1829
Loss of a Very Good Friend, Marjorie Rogers
My Eastes Line, by Joy Eastes Pero - Obediah, Elisha, John, Abraham
The Kentuckian, Estes’ of Adair, Metcalfe and Casey Counties of Kentucky, Descendants of the Estes of Virginia - book offer from Shirley J. Howell
Descendants of Obadiah Estes, by Albert Deason Smith - Obadiah, Charles, Richard, Abraham
A Greene County, Virginia Estes Genealogy, by Guy P. Estes - William, Samuel, Abraham Jr.
Genealogy of Angus Clinton Estes and Annie Minta Deane Estes, by Kendall Estes (see above)
Family Chart of Albert Estes (see above) - Albert, Enoch, Robert Pollard II & I, Coleman

September 2004
In This Issue
Mary Elizabeth Estes Savage Obituary
Web Sites of Interest  -  New Estes / Eastes Web Site
Estes Research Resources
Estes Drummer at President’s Funeral
Lydia Estes Pinkham
Land Grant of Samuel Estes, 1726 VA
Inquiries - Sherly McCabe - Lillie Ann Flora
Death of Husband of Sandra Hooker
The Search For Elmer W. Estes
Civil War Letters of William A. Estes
Family Chart of Jon R. Estes - Elmer & Richard Estes - Yankee line
Family Chart of Lydia Estes Pinkham
Interesting Web Sites
Computer Changes Afoot
Family Chart of Eva Estes Ellis - William A. Estes &  Samuel Clarence & Allen Estes
Civil War Letter of William A. Estes, Part I, provided by Eva Ellis

June 2004
James Harris Bible of Este Interest
Estes Civil War Soldiers - Louisiana & Mississippi
Kentucky Church History Book - Estes’ Mentioned
Marriages of Lunenburg Co., VA - 1746 to 1853, by Lorraine C. Cates
Association of Men of Kent and Kentish Men / Fair Maids of Kent
Inquiry - Debby Estes Earles
John R. Estes - Part III, by Roberta Estes
Elisha, Son of John Estes, Jr., Leroy F. Eastes
(Tracking the Estes Family, J.  Quintus Massie)
Estes Family Reunion - Descendants of Elijah Hulsey Estes
Hawkins Co., TN Cemeteries
Marriage in Grainger Co., TN, 1796-1837, by Edyth R. Whitley

March 2004
Thank You For Contributions
Last Notice To Renew Estes Trails
Marriages for Maury Co., TN - Carter Co., TN & Illinois
Estes Soldiers At Valley Forge
Will of William L Estes - 1863-1948
Another William Estes Will - Lawrence Co, TN, 1867
Estes Reunion In Louisiana
Arkansas Estes Family Reunion
Guardianship Papers for Susannah & Nancy Estes
One Name Societies
Chisum  - Bluford Estes Family, by Diane Miller
Family Chart of Phyllis Estes - Daniel - Rolin - Micajah (1728) - John
John R. Estes  - Part II, by Roberta Estes

December 2003
Time To Renew Estes Trails
David Powell Updates Estes Website
Material From Melba Estes Williams - Ephraim, William, Jeromiah, Erasmus & Leroy Jackson Estes
North Carolina Troops: 1861  - 1865, by Melba Estes Williams  - Romulus Meekins Estes - Erasmus Andrew Estes & William M. Estes
Web Sites Of Interest
Early Middle Tennessee Marriages
Bobbie Estes Hosts Estes Web Site - Roberta Estes
DNA Project Update - Ideas, by Roberta Estes
Danville Virginia Estes Research, by Roberta Estes
Estes Obituaries - Hugh Pryor Estes / Josephine Bristow Estes
The Will Of Nicholas Estes, Our Earliest Known Estes Ancestor
Family Chart of Melba Estes Williams, see above for listings
Family Chart of Linda Estes Cogle, Shipton, William Fountain, Joseph Benjamin & Harold B.
John R. Estes - The Mystery And The History, by Roberta Estes, Part I

September 2003
Thank You For Books
Web Sites of Interest
Civil War Prison Deaths, by Shirley Howell - three Estes who died in Union Prison Camp
Wills of John & Fielding Estes, by Kitty Estes Savage - John Estes (1725-1778) & Fielding Estes (d. 1826)
Will of Ellen Martin Estes, Made April 5, 1649 - wife of Sylvester Estes
George Washington Estes Photo’s Available, by Alyce Weaver - son of Abel D. Estes and Martha Aldridge, GW (1849-1937)
Family Chart of Matthew Estes, b. 1806 & Frances B. Lassatter, b. 1817
Tennessee Marriage Records 1783 - 1870
Response To June Issue - The Search For John Estes, by Roberta Estes - more on John, Charles and Allen Toney Estes
Estes DNA Family Genealogy Project, by Roberta Estes
Misc. Information - 1850 Census, Cape Girardeau Co., MO  - Prairie Pioneers of Illinois - Genealogies of Virginia Families, Vol. 1 - marriages of Lawrence Co., TN - Henry Co., VA marriages - NC marriages - Weakley Co., TN Cemetery listings  - Tennessee Marriages

June 2003
Distribution of Readers
Eddie James Estess Ancestors
Estes’s Buried in Brooklyn
Deal & Kent Web Sites
Which John Estes Died in 1771? - David Powell
Halifax County Virginia Estes Families - Roberta Estes
Back Issues of Recent Estes Trails
More Inquires
Send In You Line
Family Chart of Barbara Reed - Abraham Estes b. 1764
Family Chart of Delores Wagner - Galant Estes

March 2003
A Library Thank You
Carl O. Estes Work - Estes Brothers, Kentucky to Iowa and Their Descendants, part 2
John M. Estes - Kitty Estes Savage
Tombstone Records of Chester County, SC and Vicinty
Estice / Estes names
Children of Abraham and Barbara Estes - Phyllis Estes
Family Chart of Sam Mozley - Charles Estes
Family Chart of Karen Naylor - Asa Estes

December 2002
Websites of Interest
Richard Estes, Pension Application & Death - Dianne Zimmer
Revolutionary War Pension of Richard Estes
Probate Letter on Death of Richard Estes
Time To Renew Estes Trails
Carl O. Estes Work - Estes Brothers, Kentucky to Iowa and Their Descendants, part 1
Back Issues of Recent Estes Trails
Family Chart of John L. Estes, III - Ira Reuben Estes
Family Chart of Betty Estes Miller - John R. Estes

September 2002
Loss Of A Researcher - Mary Lynn Estes Moyer
Medieval Genealogy web site
Higginson Book Company
Thanks & Appreciation to readers
Back Issues Of Recent Estes Trails
Carl O Estes History Coming
Our Southern Estes Ancestors, Past & Present, by Trilby Watson Estes - Part II
The Family Line of Robert Weil
Family Chart of Robert Weil, Phillip Estes
Virginia County Records, Vol. 1, abstracted by Lorraine C. Cates
Family Chart of Michael L. Estes, Sylvanus Estes
Family Chart of Karen Radel, William J. Estes

June 2002
For Sale - copy of Charles Estes Genealogies
Back Issues of Recent Estes Trails For Sale
Old Back Issues Price Increased
On-Line Links & Resources (websites)
The Story of Early Estes Park, by Enos A. Mills
Descendants of Moses Estes, Part II
Obituary of Charlotte Elkins Estes, John Estes
Sorting Out Elisha Estes’, by LeRoy Eastes
Our Southern Estes Ancestors, Past & Present, by Trilby Watson Estes - Philip Estes
Family Chart of Sara Frances Bastien, John Estes - William Estes
Family Chart of Peggy Jo Taylor Estes, John Minton Estes
Family Chart of George Lem, John Estes
Family Chart of William A. (Bill) Estes, Thomas Estes

March 2002
Who Was The Father of John & Thomas Estes of Grainger Co., TN, by David Powell
Good Estes Web Sites
Private Asberry / Asbury Estes
Watch That Information - be careful in what you report and record.
1930 Census Availability
Estis Murderer - William A. Estis
Obtaining A Sterling Cheque
Carey Estes Kefauver History
Larry Duke Family History
Descendants of Moses Estes
Family Chart of Larry Duke
Family Chart of Garmon Estes, John R. Estes, William Estes

December 2001
Time To Renew Your Estes Trails
Este In Suffolk England
Origin of the Eastes-Estes Surname, by David Powell
Kent Family History Society Members Interest Directory
Estes Grave in Colorado
An Estes Goes East, model rockets Vern Estes
Family Bible of  Elias Hawkins Estes, by Reese J. Moses Scallions
Family Chart of Reese J. Moses Scallions, John - John B. and Elias Hawkins
The Eastes Family Historical Records Bank, announcement by Roy Eastes
William & Patrick Estes, from Mary Estes Laughland
Family Chart of Mary Estes Laughland, see above
Estes to Estess to Esters, Family Name Changes, by Helen Estess (Elisha Estes b. circa 1755)
The Book of St. Louisans, Directory of Leading Men of St. Louis, 1906
Family Chart of Helen Estess, see above

September 2001
Response to June Issue
Some Virginia Will Information (supplied by April Heath)
Lyddell Bacon Estes Family History (by Mary Jean Voegtlin)
Triplett Estes Mentioned (from History of Albemarle Co, VA)
Interesting Websites
Mississippi Estes Information (from Lorraine C. Cates material)
Memorial To Honor Slain Game Warden (Tulsa World, May 27, 2001 - Charlie Estes, d. 1911
Confederate Estes’ - Virginia
More On Lyddal Bacon Estes, by Mary Chandler
Lyddal Bacon Estes Family Chart (written out)
Richard Estes, Son of Elisha Estes, Sr. by Garmon Estes
Priscilla Estes, Indian Captive
The Turnbo Manuscripts And Estes Family of Marion County, AR
Children of Moses Estes & Lucy Hall - Robbie Meadows-O’Brien
Warren Co., KY Marriages & Census
Estes Wills supplied by Roy Eastes - Abram Estes, Jan. 15, 1780 - Richard Estes, July 5, 1820 - Elizabeth Estes, Mar. 18, 1838 - Elizabeth’s sales receipts - Abraham Estes, Aug. 10, 1757
Drucilla Estes, Piecing Together Her History, by Lorraine C. Cates

June 2001
March 2001 Errors & Comments
Apologies for Lateness
Seating Plan for St. Leonard’s Church, by Donald Bowler.
Boone County, AR Cemeteries, by Kirby Estes.
Websites to See
Western Migration of the Patrick Estes Family, by Kirby Estes.
Eli Oliver Estes Line of Bebe Barden - line of Abe, Richard, Charles and Joshua.
The Arrival of Abraham Estes In Virginia, by David Powell.
Descendants of Lyddal Bacon Estes
Mary Stone Townsend Estes (wife of Elisha or Richard), by Garmon Estes
Some Terms Relating to The Church of England
Isaac Esty of Topsfield, Mass. - information from Gay Esty Bangs article of 1900.
Possible Line of Lillian Avery - William Jackson Estes, James, John, Ephraim, Sylvester, to Abe.
Chart of Lee Henderson - James M. Estes, John W., James, Absalom, John, Moses to Abraham.
Chart of Raymond Estes - John Wesley Estes, William, Patrick, William, Moses to Abraham.

March 2001
Contributions - Thanks to contributors
A Lifetime of Estes Research - comments on 20 years of research by Lee Henderson
Deal Museum Articles - Richard Estes of Deal & other relations mentioned
Deal News Articles from Dover Telegraph of 1846
Texas Confederate Pensions
Stone County, MO Marriages 1853 - 1900
Early East Tennessee Marriages 1814 - 1875
Estes Research Material - discussion of various Estes research books
Bad Email - list of members with bad email addresses
Rhode Island Marriages 1761 - 1850
Troup County Georgia Marriages 1832 - 1846
An Estes / Eastes / Estey Mystery - research into connection of family to D’Este family
Family Record - Benjamin Estes family births and deaths (see above)
Hiram Cushman Estes of Oxford County, Maine
Estes Family Genealogies At The Library Of Congress
Family Group & Line of Isaac Esty (see above)
Family Group & Line of Elisha Estes - Corene Harrell
Family Group & Line of Richard Estes - Mary Jean Childress Voegtlin

December 2000
A Note On Bud Altmayer - Does anyone know what happened to Bud
Other Book News - Civil War book mentions Estes’, ?Covered With Glory ...? by Rod Gragg
Time To Renew Your Estes Trails - Notice to renew
Indian Estes Records - Estes’ mentioned in Indian records
Lineage of Kirby Lee Estes, line of Patrick Estes
Patrick Estes Land Indenture - Kirby Lee Estes
Master Index, Virginia Surveys & Grants, 1774 - 1791 - Lorraine C. Cates
Micajah Estes, son of John? - Phyllis Estes
John, Micajah, Elisha, Robert & James Estes - Garmon Estes
John Estes Land Patent In Halifax Co. - Garmon Estes
Check These Websites
Correction to September Issue - Thomas Estes & Margaret Crawford error (Sept. 2000)
Another Update On a Back Issue - dating error on Sept. 99 issue - book on Loving/Estes Murders
My Estes Family In DeKalb Co., TN- line of Moses Estes & Elizabeth Talbot - Frances Bastien
Estes Web-Ring Announced - announcement of David Powell
New England Estes Family Line - Yankee Estes’ mentioned
Family Group & Line of John D. Estes - Liz Wallace
Family Group & Line of Bartlett Estes - C. A. Hocker
Family Group & Line of Erasmus Andrew Estes - Melba Lea Williams

September 2000
Thanks - Thank you to Norma S. Estes for material
Check Out These Sites - Sites and links to check out
Oregon Death Certificate Records
Edmond T. Estes - Mrs. J. Roy Norman, Story of Bell County Texas
John Estes Revolutionary War Pension Records - Phyllis M. Estes
The Family of Thomas Estes & Margaret Crawford (Dolphus & John Franklin) - Dennis J. Estes
Charner Estes - Children of William & Sarah Tims Estes - by Tommy J. Estes
John Calder & Margaret Jones Estes, b. 1796 - Stone Co., MO USGen Website
The Move From Virginia To Arkansas - John Estes (see above) - Phyllis M. Estes
ET Email Address Has Changed - from estestrls to estestrails
Family Group & Line of John Franklin Estes - Dennis J. Estes
Family Group & Line of Charner Estes - Tommy J. Estes
Family Group & Line of Peter Estes, son of John & Mary Marshall Estes - Roy Moot

June 2000
20 Years of Estes Trails - Happy Anniversary
In This Issue - Update on programs
A Site To See - Leon Estes mentions rootsweb site
Book Review - Niel Gunson refers to Rogier van der Weyden book by Dirk De Vos
Thank You - Lorraine Cates donates book on Italian D’Este
Greenfield, The Richard Estes Plantation - grandson of Abraham (part 1)
Arkansas Pension Record of John Minton Estes
Grainger County, TN Court Records - 1796 to 1802 mention of Estes’
A Family Change of Name - Elizabeth, dau. of Joel, marries a Benton but children use Estes name
The Ancestors of the Darhl & Janet Minton Estes Family Line of Bazil Estes & His Son Lott
Family Groups and Line of Bazil Estes - Janet E. Minton Estes
Family Groups and Line of John B. Estes - Merle V. Day
Family Groups and Line of Joel Estes to Francis Marion Estes - Tim Hagerbaumer
Family Group and Line of John Estes, b. 1811 - Elizabeth Estes Taylor
Family Group and Line of John Bacon Estes - Wayne S. Estes
Family Group and Line of James Estes - Trilby W. Estes
Family Group and Line of Obediah Eastes - LeRoy Eastes
Family Group and Line of Reuben Estes - Mary Cook
English Scenery Screen Saver - ad for screen saver
Our Apologies - apologies for not be able to run all the articles

March 2000
Renewal Notice
Lost Reader - attempt to contact Patricia McCalvey, Sussex
Estes Family Reunions Planned - Twin Bridges State Park, OK & Horseshoe Bend, AR
Haywood Co., TN Estes - two cemetery lists
Kent Family History Society Website
Descendants of Rowland Estes - line of Roy Dean & Phyllis Estes of Norman, OK
Aaron Estes - a Texas Estes
Who Was John Estes of Louisa Co., VA - by David Powell, speculations on various John’s
Obituary For Elijah Estes - born Oct. 6, 1847, killed in Civil War, 1863
Index Cards From Lorraine C. Cates - some VA Estes’
Misc. Aaron Estes -VA Court Record on an Aaron Estes, 1797
Some Estes Marriages - marriages from various States
Early Days And War Times In Northern Arkansas - by Thomas Jerome Estes, story of olden days
Biography Of Samuel Estes Of KY - b. Sept. 30, 1830, d. Oct. 1865
Can Someone Claim Rob Estes, TV Star
A Mysterious Photograph Album - LeRoy Eastes received an old album & wants to give away
TN Confederate Pension Applications for Soldiers and Widows - list of names & counties
Family Chart of Elijah Estes - see Obituary For..above
Family Chart of Thomas Jerome Estes - see Early Days & Times In Northern Arkansas

December 1999
Willard Noel Estes - U.S. Estes killed in Kent in 1941
How Accurate Are Our Records by LeRoy F. Eastes
George Washington Estes Family - b. 1845, Obion Co., TN
Hiram Estes Family - Estes Family Records - b. 1797, VA
Announcement of time to renew ET
An Extended Inquiry - on John Elisha Estes, b. 1852, IL
Wilson / Estes Families - Jackson Co. AR Biographies (publishers line)
Saved By An Otter Hide - old newspaper article by S. C. Turnbo
Greenfield, The Richard Estes Plantation - grandson of Abraham
Family Charts of Peggy Estes - line of Galant Estes and John Minton Estes
Family Chart of Janet E. Estes - line of Bazil Estes and son Lott

September 1999 (some issues had 1998 on back pages)
The Search for Italian Ancestry, by Neil Gunson
Correction - Loudan B. Pruce should have been Loudan B. Bruce, Jr.
Gravestones in Kent by David Powell
Family of Basil Estes - son of Charles Estes & Sarah (Sally) Hatton
Jesse Estes Family - son of Elisha Estes & wife Frances
Children of Abraham - son of Bartlett Estes & Elizabeth Higgins
Will & Testament of John K. Estes - see June 1999, ?Goodspeed Biography?
William Newton Estes Bible Records - son of Elisha Estes, b. 1792.
Miscellaneous Records - Ray Co., MO. & western KY
Family Bible Records of Jackson Estes & Susannah W. Corum - some relation to Joel Estes
Family of Bartley Estes - Ray Co., MO
Will of Robert Estes - a great grandson of Abraham
Holy Bible Records - James Coleman Franklin Estes family, see June 1999 issue of ET
Last Will & Testament of Andrew Estes - Morgan Co. MO
The Battle of Hamburg - WWII history book mentions Lt. Thomas Estes
The Loving / Estes Murder Case - from Leland Estes, murder case from Nelson Co., VA, 1907
Family Charts of Leland Estes - line of Abraham, Jr., Elisha, Christopher Tomkins

June 1999
Try These Websites - listing of various Websites
Scanning - announcement of ability to scan documents
Interesting Debate Going On - Kitty Savage & Mary Voegtlin work on Estes - Este’ debate.
Correction - regarding change of William Thomas for Andy McCabe
Part 2 - Tales and Trails of Four Families; Coleman, Ellis, Henderson & Estes by Ollie & Nina Ellis - line of Reuben Estes, b. 1828.
Este - Est - East - Estes - connection between names, by Eric Este, Sawbridgeworth
Samuel Estes, by Garmon Estes
Estes Marriages for Lunenburg Co., VA 1744 - 1853
North Carolina Wills
Madison County KY Marriages
Pettis Co., MO Will - mentions Elizabeth W. Estes
John M. Estes - application for Indian blood
Goodspeed Biography for Morgan Co., MO on Constantine & James K. Estes
Bible Records - Family of James Coleman Franklin Estes and James Newton Estes
Family Chart of Leland Estes - line of Abraham Estes, Jr., Elisha, Christopher, Morris Kent
Family Chart of Betty Edens - Reuben Estes & Delpha Atkins, Lance Estes , James C. Estes.

March 1999
Something New - announcement of email address & fax
Gunson book announcement
Change of Plan - info on Carl O. Estes book, can not reproduce.
Reminiscences of The Eastes Family in Kent and Australia - edited with an introduction and notes by Neil Gunson
Connection of Estes & Estridge
Estes Burials, Padgett’s Creek Baptist Church Cemetery, Union Co., SC
Part 1 - Tales and Trails of Four Families; Coleman, Ellis, Henderson & Estes by Ollie & Nina Ellis - line of Reuben Estes, b. 1828.
Notice of time to renew ET.
Family Charts of Reuben Estes (above)
Family Charts of Collen R. Funkhouser - line of Moses Estes & Elizabeth Webb and John Estes & Elizabeth Chisum, Absalom, John, Harrison and William.
Family Charts of Hiram M. Estes, Sr.

Dec. 1998
Internet Info
Time to Renew Announcement
Dean Estes Book Announcement
Eastes Suicide (Deal, 1849)
Saints & Sinners, The Ancestral Este' Family
by Kitty Estes Savage
The Children & Grandchildren of Abraham & Barbara Estes by Garmon Estes
Virginia Marriages
Civil War Records on the Internet
A New Mexican Estes, Phillip B. Estes
Union Co., NC Estes Family - James Broadus Estes, Thomas L. Estes, Wiley Estes
Estes Land Grant in Spanish Missouri
Interesting Internet Sites
Howard D. Estes chart - Thomas M. Estes
David M. Eastis chart - Willis Eastis
Michael L. Estes chart - Elisha Estes
Family Group Charts of Elijah Monroe Estes
Jodie Hollifield chart - Marshall Estes

Sept. 1998
Report on English Trip
Resource Contributions
Estes Was Best Eagles Jackrabbit
Steven Taylor chart - John Estes
John H. Estes chart - Abe Estes, Jr.
Charles C. Yates chart - Sarah S. Estes
Deal Castle
Walmer Castle
Listing of Estes Men & Women
Deal Map

June 1998
Volume #'s Wrong
Internet & English E-Mail
Scottish Ancestor?
Civil War Photo's?
1861 Census of Deal
Richard Estes History
O. Henry & Estes Connection
James A. Estes chart - Nathaniel Estes
Gayle Wood Mayfield chart - Peter Estes
Neil Estes chart - William Jackson Estes
Robert Dean Estes chart - Larkin Estes
Ancestors of Mary E. Estes Vecere
More E-mail Addresses

March 1998
Bound for England
Suggestion Offered
List Those Brothers & Sisters
Revolutionary War George Estes'
Index Available
Old Estes' Need Help
East Family History Society
Texan's Tale, Line of Anderson Estes
Joanne Estes chart - John Estes
Reese J. Moses chart - John B. Estes
Mrs. William Stuart chart - Moses Estes

Dec. 1997
New Format
Este Sails With Nelson
Floyd Ratz new book
Hunting Dolph Ervin Estes, line of Dennis J. Estes
Three Estes Brothers, by Georgia McBrien, line of Elisha Estes
Our English Roots - Kent communities
Floyd Ratz chart - Elisha Estes
Three Brothers Chart - Elisha Estes (not same as above)
Chart of Harvey Estes, line of Oscar Marion/John T. Estes

Sept. 1997
Moving notice
Help on Bartlett Estes’
E-mail addresses
TN Marriage Records
Different Reuben Estes’
1850 Marion Co. AR Census, relating to Galant Estes line
Genealogy of Benjamin Estes, Galant Estes line
Charts of Benjamin Estes
Charts of Reuben Estes - Langston Estes
Chart of Charles Estes, line of Lord Byron/Charles Estes
Estes Park’s Firstborn
Charts of Raymond Moot - Littleton F. Estes line
June 1997
Moving notice
Renewal notice
Australian Cousin, David W. Powell
E-mail addresses
Charts of David Powell - connection to Sylvester of Kent
Estes Family in America, the Joel Estes Family, by Mildred Estes Hopwood (see Sept. 97)
Chart of Joel Estes
Chart of Janet Cassidy, line of Samuel James Estes

March 1997
E-mail Addresses
Thomas Griffiths, Yankee Estes line
Sylvester Estes of Deal, by Donald Bowler
Reflections on Dec. Issue
Travel Smart Ad
Source for Charles Estes Genealogy
Bible Records of John Estes, b. 1788, by Lorraine Cates
Ancestors & Descendants of Allen Toney Estes, by Mary Jean Voegtlin,
Line of Charles Estes and Mary Thaxton
Changing Fortunes of the European Estes, by Neil Gunson
TN Cemetery Records
Death notice of Edward Rainier Estes of Alaska
Civil War Record of John C. Estes, (see Jan. 81, Jan. 86, 1968 issue)
Poem - Joy of Research
Chart of Mary J. Voegtlin, line of Charles Estes
Chart of Fern Estes, line of Charles Estes (not same as above)
House of Este Ad
Chart of Thomas Griffiths

Dec. 1996
Early issue notice
Renewal notice
Indians & Pioneers
Back issues ad
Across the Oregon Trail, by Mary Elizabeth Munkers Estes
Wagon Train Cross Country in 1878, by Vester Williams
Masonic Sign Won Indians, Saved 49'ers Scalp, by Karr Shannon
The Battle of Burnt River, official report, provided by Virginia Sebring
Lost Estes Gold Mine Found?, by John W. White
Jesse James’ Hidden Treasure, by John W. White
Chart of John White, line of Harris/Dewitt Clinton Estes
Chart of Daisy Spencer, line of Langston/Larkin/Lance Estes
Chart of David Grandville Estes, line of Thomas/Sylvester Estes
House of Este Ad

Sept. 1996
What’s New With ET
Correction on Ira Reuben Estes
Overseas Update, Kent Family History Society
Who Was English in Colonial Era, by Neil Gunson (Moses Estes)
Virginia Land Transactions of Robert Estes, Sr., by Garmon Estes
Charts of Chris Fuchser, line of Edmond/Marshall/Thomas Estes
Chart of Lula Cook Edwards, line of Charles/Richard Estes
Chart of Richard Graham, line of John/Moses/Abraham Estes

June 1996
Generous Contributions
Change of Margins
Descendants of Ira Reuben Estes & Genealogy of Billie Sol Estes
Genealogy of Soloman Burns Estes, by Analou Estes Black, line of Ira Reuben & Billie Sol
Chart of Abraham Estes, Jr.
Descendants of Abraham Estes, Jr.
Confederate Estes’, by Jesse Estes
Back issue ad
Chart of Billie Sol Estes, line of Ira Reuben Estes
Hood Co., TX Census Records
Henry Co., KY Records, by Roselyn Funson
Henry Co., KY Cemetery Records
Overseas Assistance, Kent Family History Society services
Estes’ in Pickens Co., AL, by Kathleen Waters
Death notice, Roxana Wedgewood

March 1996
New Year - Old Name
Subscriptions & rates explained
Help with missing pages from Estes of Old Clay Co.
Nathaniel Estes Bible Records, son of Moses
Some Census Information, on DeKalb Co., AL and Lee Co., MS, by Paul Healton
Maury Co., TN Cemetery Records
Line of Chisum Estes, line of John/Moses/Abraham Estes
Moses Estes Family ("The Englishman")
Nathaniel Estes Land Record (see above)
Charts of John King Redmon, line of John Estes & Nancy Montague/Abraham Estes, III
Izard Co., AR Census Records
Bible Records of Len & Laban Estes of NC, line of Reuben/Richard Estes

Dec. 1995
Issues for 1995 appeared as ?Estes Family Newsletter?
Notice of new address
What’s In A Name, discussion of publication name
The English Help Out
Announcement of LeRoy Eastes to compile data bank
Estes of Essex
Richard Estes Family History, by Steven Potach, line of Littleton/John/Thomas Estes
Wives of John Estes, by Shirley Howell, line of John/Thomas Estes above
Marriage Licence of Moses & Ellen Estes of Deal, by Donald Bowler
Estes & Sam Houston Connection
Sorting out Johns
Line of John Estes & Elizabeth Chisum (see Mar. 96)
Estate of James Estes of TX
Eastes Families of Indiana, new book announcement by LeRoy Eastes
Halifax Co., VA Census Info.
House of Este Ad
Poem, Estes Eagles, by Oscar R. Estes

August 1995
First Response Feedback
Information Format, for publication of newsletter
Estes Marriages in VA
Estes or Estridge ?
Will of Ephraim Estridge/Estes
Who Is Researching Whom, part 2
The Wives of John Estes, line of John/Thomas Estes
Who Was Richard Estes?
NC & TN Marriage Records
Early Estes (of Deal) Lineage, Sylvester & Jone/Richard & Agnes/Slyvester & Ellen Martin
TX Estes’ Celebrate 56th Reunion

April 1995
This Is Not Estes Trails
Your Subscription is Fulfilled
A Door Opens
What Do I Know
Policy on Correspondence
Who Is Researching Whom, part 1
Who Am I, Larry Duke lineage in Estes family
Feedback & Info. Requested
Our Overseas Cousins, an appeal to help

Summer 1994
Last issue of original Estes Trails, published by Mary’s daughter & Larry Duke
Death notice of Mary Estes Beckham
Obituaries of Mary Beckham and Ollie Ellis
The Obsession of the Estes, by Neil Gunson, the connection (or lack thereof) between D’Este and Estes/Eastes
Subscribers Needed, by Larry Duke
Chart of Kathleen Waters, line of John Newton Estes
Death notice of Lillian Lee Estes

Spring 1994
Last issue by Mary Estes Beckham
Message from the editor
Letters of L.W. Williams to Aaron Estes of TX
Abraham Estes Information, by Donald Bowler
Copies of original documents on above Abraham
Chart of Wayne S. Estes, line of Robert/Abraham, with Estes - Bacon connection at Benjamin
Abraham Estes, son of Elisha Estes
Will of Abraham Estes, above, from 1788 Mercer Co., KY Will Book
Chart of Richard D. Estes, line of George Anderson & James Estes
Charts of Glenda E. Estes, line of Phillip & Abraham, Jr.
Chart of Herbert D. Estes, line of James & William Estes
Estes’ on Vietnam Memorial
Bartlett Estes, Son of Robert Estes, Jr., by Garmon Estes

Fall - Winter 1993
Message from the editor
Death notice of Norma J. Estes Phillips
Portrait of Two Limeys, biography of Donald Bowler
Biographies of Thomas Jefferson Estes and Ernest Estes
Info on Richard and Charles Estes, by Garmon Estes
Micajah Estes of Halifax Moves to Hawkins Co., TN, by Garmon Estes, line of Richard Estes
Chart of Kenneth Madison Clark, line of William/Samuel/Abraham Estes
War of 1812 Record of James B. Estes, by Merle Day
D’Este connection to Estes, by Neil Gunson
House of Este AD for trip to Italy
B.B. Estes Correspondence from 1895 Indian Territory
Aaron Estes Correspondence from 1862, TX

Summer 1993
Message from the editor
Reunion news and inquiries
Chart of Carol Estes Mertens, line of William R/James A./Moses/John/Moses Estes
Guide to Deal Parish Church, St Leonard’s, by Larry Duke
Tribute to My Sister, Wanda, by Garmon Estes
Charts of Robert Hollingsworth, line of Littleton/John Estes

Spring 1993
Message from the editor
A Kentish Trail in the 16th Century, by Donald Bowler, genealogy of Henry/Silvester/Nicholas the earliest Estes ancestors.
Chart of Carolyn Stephens Beyer, line of Elisha/Abraham Estes
Charts of Howell B. Edwards, line of Matthew Eastus (Estes)

Winter 1992
Message from the editor
Chart of Elizabeth Estes Taylor, line of John Estes, b. Oct. 24, 1811
Story of a John Estes, by Mary Nicks
Chart of Mary Ellen Estes, line of Bartlett Estes
Charts of Norman Ellis Boyles, line of Moses/Abraham Estes
Biography of Zealy Moss Wynn, related to Andrew Estes, by Beth Harmon
Chart of Larry D. Duke, line of Sylvester/Abraham Estes
Charts of Denise R. Krueger, line of John/Moses/Abraham Estes

Fall 1992
Message from the editor
Eastes, Estis, Estes, Eustis, Etc, , names from the mixed E. Kent Index, provided by Kathleen Hollingsbee, of Deal, Kent
Estes Family Origins and ancestor of Jesse R. Estes, line of Reuben, Richard, Abraham Estes.
Charts of Benjamin H. Bailey, line of Lydell Bacon Estes.
Book ad for 'Abraham Estes’s Children', by Bud Altmeyer

Summer 1992
Message from the editor
The Estes of Deal, by Patricia McCalvey, St. Leonard on Sea, early Estes names & info.
Biography of Zephaniah Estes, by R. M. Estes (see Allen Toney Estes March 1997 ET)
Inquiry on Elias Hawkins Estes

Spring 1992
The English Ancestry of the American Estes, Prof. Neil Gunson (see reprint for update & bibliography.

Winter 1991
Message from the editor
Chart of Mary Estes Beckham, line of Elisha/Abraham Estes
Mary’s Estes Family Reunion notice
Charts of Billie Hardy, line of John Bacon Estes
Chart of Phyllis Murphy, line of Berkley/Richard Estes
Chart of Vonda Cooper, line of Smith Estes
Charts of Floyd B. Smith, line of Hiram M. Estes
Family Record of Aaron Douglas Estes (son of above, see Oct. 81)
Charts of Glen E. Steiner, line of John Duncan/Duncan N. Estes

Spring 1991
Message from the editor
Estes Family History, by Thurston G. Estes, line of Thomas/Nathaniel/Moses Estes
Estes Family History, by Fern Peacock, line of Benjamin F./Bartlett Estes
Newman Estes Legal Documents of MO (with above)
Cemetery Records, Millerville, MO, provided by Virginia J. Cotner
Charts of Jesse R. Estes, line of Leonard/Reuben Estes
Charts of Thurston G. Estes (see above)
Biography of Lucy G. Estes Vaughan, granddaughter of Elisha Estes

Fall 1990
Message from the editor
Will of Woolfork Estes, Barren Co., KY
Family line of Nancy Randall, line of Spencer/Joel Estes
Robert Estes Deed, Louisa Co., Va

Summer 1990
Message from the editor
Mary’s Estes Family Reunion notices
Estes Family History, from ?Heritage History of Chester Co, SC, 1982", Estes family biographies
Probable Birth Dates of Abraham Estes’ Children, by Garmon Estes
Genealogy of Estes Family, by John K. Redmon, line of John Morton Estes (see Mar. 96)
Genealogy of Estes Family, material taken from Charles Estes Genealogy, some supposition.

Spring 1990
Message from the editor
Richard Estes and Some of His Descendants, by Garmon Estes
Reuben Estes, by Garmon Estes
Another look at John, Micajah and Elisha Estes of Halifax Co., by Garmon Estes (see Fall 93 & Apr.-July 83)
Lenior Co., NC List of Voters, provided by Jesse R. Estes, lines associated with Langston Estes
Some Lenior Court Records
Biography of Caleb Estes, provided by Jesse R. Estes, from ?Portraits & Biographies of Washington, Clay & Riley Co. KS, 1890.
Estes War of 1812 Records, provided by Merle V. Day

October 1989
Message from the editor
Estes File Card Submitters, list matching researchers with line being researched.
Information on Sylvester Estes, son of Abraham, by Garmon Estes
Estes Revolutionary War Records Available

Summer 1989
Special Issue by Kitty Estes Savage
Talking To Myself: A Discussion and Questions on Abraham Estes and His Family

July 1989
Message from the editor
Mary’s Estes Family Reunion news
Estes names mentioned, various sources
Marriages in Chester Co., SC
Moses Estridge mentioned in Pendleton Co., SC land records
Little Rock, Newton Co., MS Cemetery Records
Thomas Estes & Wife Hannah Allen
William Estes, (b. Aug. 20, 1777) Bible Records, related to Thomas & Hannah above.
1840 TN Census, Estes names
Estes Family Marriages, Joel & Elisha mainly
Family Line of Jesse R. Estes and biography of Joseph Puett Estes
Elisha Estes Revolutionary War Pension Record

Jan./April 1989
Message from the editor
Death notice of Mary Ellen Estes Vecere
Card files on: Reese J. Moses, Merle V. Day, Earl W. Estes, JoAnn Estes
Madison Co., TN &  Franklin Co, MO & Monroe Co., MS Marriages
Mt. Zion Cemetery Records, Independence Co., AR
Bits from various newspapers, AL & TN
Land Grants of TX, 1835 - 1888
Clay Co, TX Marriages
Unabelle, daughter of S.T. Estes, of OK
Estes Born in Wichita Co., TX, around 1900 to 1950
Abraham Estes, (b. Feb. 7, 1777) and His Children
Joseph & Archibald H. Estes marriages in Chicot Co., AR
Family line of William Estes of Tucson, line of Burris/Thomas Estes

July 1988
Message from the editor
Talking To Myself: A Discussion and Questions on Abraham Estes and His Family
Navarro Co., TX Land Records
Families of Joel Andrew / John W. / Phillip S. Estes

October 1987
Message from the editor
Estes Wisconsin Census Records, 1850 -1870
Carter vs Estes, Elisha Estes Court Records, Fredericksburg, VA, 1792, provided by
Garmon Estes
Card file on Rube Estes Huffman
Estes Names in Westmoreland Co., VA Records, by Garmon Estes
Inquiry on Sylvanus Estes, related to Elisha, son of Abraham.
Misc. state & county records with Estes names
Moses Estes, His Sons & Grandsons
Family of Joel Estes, Sr.
Some Estes Families of Massachusetts
Family of Jeremiah Estes, KY  -    Inquiries

July 1987
Message from the editor
Recent Ancestors of Garmon Estes
Bible Records of Elizabeth Webb Estes, wife of Laban Estes (see Apr. 82 & Mar. 96)
Bible Record of Charity Moore Estes, (see family above)
Bible Record of David J. Estes, (see families above)
Family of William Harrison Estes, GA & AL
Reuben/Zachary/Zachary Estes & Their Children
Estes Property Deed, Marshall Co., KY 1850, several Estes mentioned
DeKalb Co., AL Marriage Records & Pioneer Estes Families
Arkansas Confederate Estes Soldiers
Gibson Co., TN Marriages
1850 -1860 Wisconsin Census of Estes Names

April 1987
Message from the editor
Estes File Card Submitters, list matching researchers with line being researched
Biography of Brothers Frederick Benjamin & Joseph Henry Estes, b. MS lived in TX, sons of Benjamin H. Estes
Our Dead, Shelby Co., TX, 1836 -1964, Estes names
Marriage Records, Shelby Co., TX
Coleman Estes Biography, by Glynda Fletcher, line of John Estes (see Oct. 83, Jan. 84, Jan. 85 & Apr. 85)

January 1987
Message from the editor
Clay Co., MO Marriages, 1825 - 1839
AL Census, 1860 - 1900, Estes names
Early TN Tax Lists, Estes names
Lineage of Nieuport Estes, line of Zephaniah Estes
Recent newspaper clippings with Estes names
Spotsylvania & Lunenburg Co., VA Records and Census, 1780 & 1850
War of 1812 Pension Claim for Zephaniah Estes
Columbia Baptist Cemetery Records, Greenville, SC
Land Claim of Gallant Estes, Cannon Co., TN
Middle TN Baptists, Estes biographies
Estes Estate Records, Tarrant Co., TX, 1860's
Charles Estes Family of Greenville Co., SC, by Joe E. Greene, line of John/Elisha Estes
Some VA & NC Estes Records and Census
DeKalb Co., AL Cemetery Records

October 1986
Message from the editor
Military Records of Gallant Estes, provided by Jo Ann Estes
Listing of a few other family newsletters
Early History of TN, Estes’ mentioned
Estes in IL, 1810 -1820
Estes in VA & NC, 1701 -1786
Estes in Revolutionary War
Index of Revolutionary War Pensions, Estes mentioned
Census of Arkansas Confederate Veterans, 1911
Estes in AR, pre-statehood to 1860, census
Marion Co., AR Census, 1850
Marriages in Marion Co., Ar
Elmwood Cemetery Records, Harrison, AR
Marion & Crawford Co., AR Civil War Pension Claims (see Oct. 86 & Sept. 97)
Inquiry & information on Reuben Estes, DeKalb Co., AL
Inquiry on Lousia Frances Estes
Cemetery Records, Keokuk Co., IA
Inquiry on Charner/William/Elisha Estes
1850 Franklin Co., GA Census
Children of William Sanford Estes and Robert Edgar Estes, related Estes names

July 1986
Message from the editor
AR Pensioners, War of 1812
Biography of George Everett Estes & Joseph Lafayette Estes, ?Boys in Gray?
Lineage of William Estes, son of Elisha (many names), provided by Jo Ann Estes
Lineage of Francis Marion Estes, grandson of William above, provided by Frances Holloway
Lineage of Erasmus Estes, line of Thomas/Thomas Estes, by Hugh Clinton Estes
Member Announcements
Oregon Donation Land Claims, Estes names
Recent Estes newspaper clippings
List of books & publications in Mary’s private library
Information from here & there on Estes’
Yankee Estes Ancestors of Bernice A. Fidler, line of Matthew Estes & Alice Barker (see Jan. 85)
Estes mentioned in history book
Some Early VA Estes’

April 1986
Message from the editor
Clay Co., MO Marriages & Liberty, MO newspaper records, provided by Leslie Bolling
Inquiries & Notices
Williamson, Davidson & Maury Co., TN Records, by Billie Hardy
Arkansas Census for 1860 & 1910 of Estes’ (several counties)
Children of Mary Estes, b. 1798, wife of Green Woods, daughter of John Estes, b. 1778, d. 1841
Lineage of Joel/Elisha/Abraham, line of Mary A. Patton Beaty
Inquiry & information on Wiley Estes
Biography of Robert Pollard Estes, by Billie Jean Heath, line of Coleman Estes (see Jan. 85)
Children of Robert Estes & Ann Harris, by Lorraine C. Cates
Estes Biographies, Christian Co., IL of George Edward/William Robert/William Robert Estes
Benton Co., MO Census Records, 1850 - 1860
Cemetery Records, Hocker Cemetery, Johnson Co., MO (a lot of names), by Mrs. Willis Baker
Biography of Mattie Cornelia Estes, d. of Major Moreau P. Estes of TN, by Carl Beaty
Some TN Bible Records

January 1986
Message from the editor
Children of John Estes b. 1843, Grainger Co., TN and William Estes, b. 1803, TN
Lineage of Andrew/Elisha Estes, line of Robert/Abraham, by Frances Halloway
Children of Charles Estes, b. 1802, SC, d. AR & William E. Estes, b. 1830, GA, line of Fern Estes
Lineage of Nathaniel Greene/John Estes, line of Mary Ellen Estes Vecere
Family of Zephania Estes, b. 1830, by Elsie T. Estes
Texas Estes Death Records
Lineage of Nancy Jane/Samuel/John C. Estes, line of Donna J. King
J. H. Estes’s Loses to the Indians in Texas.
A line of Woolfork Estes
Record of Virginia Ann Estes of KY
Marriage Records, Barren Co., KY
Lineage of Robert Estes, b. 1794, son of Elisha, line of Floyd J. Ratz
Lineage of Bartlett/Benjamin Estes, line of Mary Ellen Estes
Inquiry on AR Estes’
Records of an Esty & Eastie Family of Suffolk Co., England
Biography of Archibald Burris Estes, line of Thomas/Thomas Estes, by Nelle Lethers
Will of John Estes, Greene Co., AL, 1850
Will of Woolfork Estes, Barren Co., KY, 1853

July - October 1985
Message from the editor
Estes / Eustace / Espy, Etc... Clues
1830 MO Census, Estes names
Estes Trails Mailing List
Children of John & Sarah Estes
Lineage of Hattie E. Estee/Esty, b. 1861, IL, line traces to Esty of Suffolk Co., England (see Jan. 1986, by Patricia Hankey
Children of a Richard Estes, b. 1811, KY
Inquiry on James E. Estes, of AR, may be related to Benjamin/Gallant Estes, (see Sept. 1997)
Estess Lineage, Ezra/James/Hardy, of GA, MS, LA
Card File on Martha A. Haidek

April 1985
Mary’s family death notices
Estes names being researched and researchers
1910 Census, Newton Co., MS, Estes names
Marriage Records, Winston Co., MS 1834 - 1880
Marriage Records, Clayton Co., GA 1881 - 1882
1800 Census, RI
Culpepper & Henry Co., VA Marriage Records
Information on Coleman Marcelles Estes, by Glenda Estes
Children of William Estes & Mary Hockensmith, of VA
Children of William Estes & Catherine Livingston, of TN
1850 Census of Carroll Co., TN, Estes Sound-Like Names
Bastrop Co., TX Marriages, 1889 - 1913
Lineage of Thomas/Thomas/Abraham Estes, line of Martha Haidek
Lineage of Thomas Jefferson Estes, line of Catherine Estes Rynearson
Lineage of William Newton Estes, by William Hess (line of Billie Sol Estes, see June 1996)
Ad for ?Estes Families of Old Clay Co., Missouri? from Virginia State Library
1840 Index to AL Census of Estes-like names
Children of Richard S. Estes and John McCoy Estes, sons of Abraham Estes, III
Misc. Estes names, misc. sources, much related to Coleman Estes line
SC Bible records connecting Darby and Estes families.

January 1985
Message from the editor
Material on John Estes & Elizabeth Chisum family line, by Lee Henderson
Clayton Co., GA Marriages, 1870's
Clues on Coleman Estes, by Lorraine C. Cates (see July 80, Oct. 82, Oct. 83, Jan. 84, Apr. 85, Apr. 87)
Buster Estes mentioned in book (see Oct. 83)
Biography of Henderson Estes, b. NC, mentioned in ?History of Ohio?
Estes Names in Historical Register of VA in the Revolution
Books Donated to Estes Trails Library
D A R Patriot List of Estes names
Children of Sylvanus Estes, d. 1822, SC
Index of Revolutionary War Pension Applications
Ky Biographical Sketches of: Notely Estes, Samuel Estes, Alfred N. Estes, and  Elisha Estes
KY Land Grants, many Estes names
List of Colonial Soldiers of VA
Yankee Estes Ancestors of Bernice A. Fidler, line of Matthew Estes & Alice Barker (see July 86)
Lineage of John Glover Estes, b. 1801, SC, families of James Atkinson, John Aaron and Martin Luther Estes
Jaggers / Estes Connections
Lineage of John Estes & wife Mary Marshall and son Littleton Estes, by Kitty Estes Savage
Children of Chester Franklin Estes, b. 1891, KY
MS Civil War Records, Estes names
Buffalo Church Cemetery Records, Pike Co., MO

July 1984
Message from the editor
Census of Earliest Settlers of Cape Girardeau Co., MO, by Fonda Baselt
Marriage Records of Giles Co., TN
Inquiry on Jordan Columbus Estes, son of William Spencer Estes
Biography of Ervin Estes, Maury Co., TN, b. 1855
Children of Elisha Milton Estes, line of Elizabeth Estes McMichen
Family of a Andrew J. Estes, two families listed
Listing of book donations
Lineage of Bartlett Estes and son Robert, by Louise Harrison
Recent Estes newspaper clippings
Estes names related to William Jackson Estes, by Lillian Avery
Lineage of Burroughs/Burris Estes, line of Thomas/Thomas, by Nelle Lethers
Itawamba Co., MS Marriages
KY Newspaper Abstracts, 1830's - 1850's
Bible Records of William Jackson Estes, see above
Obits from TN Newspapers (only four)
1890 Civil War Veterans Census of TN
Lee Co., MS Marriages (later 1800's, many names)
Descendants of Elizer Monroe Estes & Meredith Ashlock of TX (a lot of names)
Children of Isaac Jones Estes, by Linda Blanchard, line of Moses/Abraham

April 1984
Message from the editor
Children of John G. Estes, b. 1832, TN and wife Missouri (probably related to Benjamin Estes line of Marion Co., AR, see Oct. 1986 & Sept. 1997)
Children of James Monroe Estes, of IN
Some Estes Marriages
Will of Nicholas Gillington
Yankee Estes line, line of Matthew Estes and Philadelphia Jenkins
Lawrence Co., AR Marriage Records, mostly line of Thomas/Thomas Estes (most of these are current publisher’s, Larry Duke’s, line)
Estes Men in Maury & Williamson Co., TN
Lineage of Andrew Estes, line of Elisha/Robert/Abraham, by Larry Sellers
Lunenberg Co., VA Wills Index
Lunenberg Co., VA Marriages 1746 - 1853
Marriage of Clark & Madison Co., KY
MO Marriage Before 1840
Children of Reuben James Estes, b. 1828, Dekalb Co., AL
More on line of Elisha, see above
VA Revolutionary War Pension Applications for Estes soldiers: John, Lyddal, Rowland, Thomas

January 1984
Message from the editor
Recipes of Estes Family Cookbook
Family Records of John Estes / Mary Marshall line, by Fonda Baselt
Biography of Hiram Estes of KY, by Fonda Baselt
Family of Charles Estes & Mary Thaxton, by Carl O. Estes
Descendants of John Estes and Nancy Montague, by Jack Estes
Williams Tinsley Estes Records, line of Marcelles Coleman Estes, by Glenda Estes (see July 80, Oct. 82, Oct. 83, Apr. 85, Jan. 85 & Apr 87)
Hanover Co., VA Deed between Moses and Robert Estes
Children of Richard Coleman Estes, b. 1847, by Dorothy Holton (see above Coleman
Inquiry on John Glover and Marion Festus Estes, by Nellie McLaughlin (see January 1985)
VA Revolutionary War Pension Applications for Estes soldiers: Abraham, Elijah, George, John
More on John Estes and Whitten families, by Jack Estes, see above

October 1983
Message from the editor
Biography of Coleman Estes, 1778 - 1844, by Kitty Estes Savage (see June 85, Apr. 87 & others)
Lineage of James M. Estes, d. 1866, line of Doris Towsley
Lineage of Claude Buster Estes of TX, by Elizabeth Taylor (see Jan. 83 & Jan. 85)
Estes’s Mention in ?History of Banks Co., GA (mostly Micajah Estes line)
Oregon Estes Records
Lineage of William Barton Estes, b circa 1850. TN, d. 1907, KY, by Betty Long
Some TX & OK Estes’
Unity Presbyterian Church Cemetery Records, Lee Co., MS
Two Vanderburgh Co., IN Civil War Veterans, George and John Estes
Will of Elisha Eastus/Estes, 1819, TN
Deed Records, Neshoba Co., MS
Estes Marriages, Simpson Co., KY
Estes Marriages, Benton Co., MO

July - April 1983
Message from the editor
Micajah Estes and the Name Game, by Garmon Estes, (many Estes names, see July 82, Oct. 83, Spring 90, Fall & Winter 93)
Pulaski Co., KY Tax List 1799 - 1829
Family of J. G. Estes of Itawamba Co., MS (see Jan. 1984)
Rock Mill Cemetery Records, Randolph Co., AL

January 1983
Message from the editor
MO Estes records, misc.
Elisha Estes and Andrew Jackson Estes families, by Elizabeth McMichen (see Apr. 1984)
Children of William E. Estes and William Presley Estes, by Martha Hiadek
Biography of John Estes, 1812 - 1859, & wife Elizabeth Owen, by Elizabeth Taylor (see Oct. 83 & Jan. 85)

October 1982
Message from the editor
Census of Marshall Co., KY, 1850 & 1870
Lineage of Elisha Estes, Families of Elisha and William Estes,  by Elizabeth McMichen, (see Jan. 1983 & Jan. 1984)
1900 Soundex for Estes Names, many names here
Bride Index, Scott Co., KY, several names here
William Ellis Estes Bible Records, John Glover Estes family line, (see Jan. 1984 & Jan. 1985)
Family of Reuben Estes, Langston, Madison, Madison Elijah, Franklin Pierce, Mary Pinkney
Vincent Brown Tims Bible Records, William Estes children, line of Joseph T./William, see above
Biography of Earl Davis Estes, son of Martin Luther Estes, (see Jan. 1985 and above)
Material on Coleman, John, Absalom , and  James A. Estes, misc. (see July 80, Jan. 84 & others)
1850 & 1880 Lincoln Co., MO Census
Inquiry on Clement Estes and son John I.

July 1982
Message from the editor
Will of Abraham Estes, Jr., Caroline Co., VA, 1757
MO Marriages and other Estes records, mostly Clay Co.
John R. Estes history & records, by Garmon Estes (mostly TN records, plus more on Micajah Estes, (see Oct. 1983 and others)
Pulaski Co., KY Marriage Bonds
Death Records for NC before 1914, (many names)
Estes’s mentioned in ?History of Halifx Co., VA?
Nathan Estes Bible Records, Nathan d. 1927 in Commerce, OK
Franklin Co., KS Records, misc.
Troup Co., GA Early Marriages, 1830 - 1840

April 1982
Letter to subscribers from Mary on the loss of her home to fire
Mt. Pleasent Cemetery Records, Miller Co., MO (only a few)
Letter from Kitty Estes
Tombstone Records, Chester Co., SC & Vicinity, (not too many)
NC Bible Records of Elizabeth Webb Estes, from DAR magazine (see July 1987 & Mar. 96 for same family)
KY Marriages, Muhlenbery & Madison Co.
War of 1812 Records of William Estes, son of Elisha
KY Marriages, Todd, Christian, Warren & Lincoln Co.
Hickman Co., TN Cemetery Records
Chester Co., SC Deeds, 1794 - 1871 (many Estes names)
Some VA Marriages, 1700 - 1799
Early Kentucky Marriages for Calloway Co., 1823 - 1857
Parish Church Records, Henrico Co., VA
Misc. Census Records, MO & KY
1870 Census Records & Death Notices, Pulaski Co., KY
Abraham Estes Militia Pension Record, 1780 -1832

January 1982
Message from the editor on the recent loss of her home to fire.
Estes Trails Subscriber List
Estes Marriages in VA, NC, & TN
Children of William Estes of Spotsylvania, VA & Fairfield Co., SC
Children of John Estes of NC, SC & TN, line of Thrashley Allen/John Estes
Will & Estate Papers of Elizabeth Estes of Spotsylvania Co., VA
Letter from Kitty Estes Savage
Hancock Co., KY Cemetery Records (many names)
Estes Marriages, KY (lot of names & dates)
Will & Children of Littleton Estes, Daviess Co., KY
Will of William Estes, Halifax Co., VA , 1780 (not same as William above)
Will & Children of Moses Estes, Halifax Co., VA, 1799
Will of John Estes, Warren Co., KY, 1824
Will of Moses Estes, Smith Co., TN, 1869
The Este Family of Italy, by Kitty Estes Savage

October 1981
Elliott Estes Death Notice, Charleston, SC, 1831
Bennett O. Estes GA Confederate Pension Roll Information
Joel Estes Marriage Notice
Who Was Abraham’s Father? (matter now settled)
Clues to Thomas Estes
Children of John Estes & Mary Marshall
Some Descendants of John & Mary
Aaron Estes Family Records, continued from Aug. 1981
Census of Louisa Co., VA, 1870 & 1850
Abraham Estes Emigrant
Information on Death & Grave of John W. Estes,  Henderson, TN

August 1981
(Very short issue)
Robert Estes, Sr., son of Abraham
Aaron Estes Family Records (see Winter 91)

July & August 1981
Message from the editor
Biography & Family of Fauntley Estes, line of Jonathan/Phillip/Abraham, Jr., by Mae Frazier
Itawamba Co., MS Cemetery Records
Children of Robert Estes, b. 1748, by Lorraine C. Cates
Thank you to Kitty Estes Savage
Estes Names in IL Veterans Commission Records (12)
Estes Biographies in ?History of Ohio?, John & John W. Estes (see Jan. 1985)

April 1981
Biographies of William, Albert Whitten & John Estes , by Jack Estes (see Jan. 1984)
The Name Este In Italy
Ira Allen Estes, Confederate Muster Roll
Greenwood Cemetery Records, Maury Co., TN (many Estes names)
1850 - 1870 Census Records, Troup Co., GA (see above by Jack Estes)
Flower Ridge Church Cemetery Records, Louisville, MS

January 1981
Clayton Co., GA Marriages (only a few)
Tombstone Inscriptions, Christian Co., MO (only a few)
Grainger Co., TN Court Record on John Estes, 1802 -1854
Troup Co., GA Marriages (only a few)
Roane Co., TN Deed for John Estes
Greene Co., AL Marriage of John C. Estes (see 1968 issue, Jan. 86 & Mar. 97)
Children of William Ellis Estes (see Oct. 1982, Jan. 1984, Jan. 1985)
1870 Census, Calhoun, Cleburn, Etowah, Cherokee Co., AL
Civil War Roster of AL (many names)

October 1980
1860 Itawanbe Co, MS Census
Limestone Co., AL Cemetery Records
Columbia Baptist Church Records, Greenville, SC
Princeton Baptist Church Records, Laurens Co., SC
Yankee Estes, Matthew mentioned
Hickman Co., TN Family Records of Armistead and Robert Estes

July 1980
William E. Estes, b. May 1, 1828, Mexico War Record
Clayton Co., GA Marriages
Descendants of John Coleman Estes, by Mrs. Charles C. Estes (see Apr. 87 & others)
Descendants of Elisha Estes, line of Irma Gentry
Nesoba Co., Ms Deed Records
Chester Co., SC Deed Records
MS Census Records, 1850 - 1880, Tishamingo & Leake Co.
Grainger Co., Tax List, by Garmon Estes
Yankee Estes, Sarah Estes, daughter of Robert Estes of RI
Lebanon Co., TN Marriage Bonds
Chester Co., SC Misc. Estes Records

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